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Faber Swim offer private swimming lessons for Babies/Toddlers, Children and Adults in our unique Endless Swimming pool. Our lessons can be on a 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 basis.



Our swimming lessons take place in our world class Endless pool which is a 4.2m x 2.2m pool with a counter-current system. The pool offers a continuous water flow which replicates open water swimming. The speed of the counter-current system can be adjusted to the skill level of the learner.

Our coach is always close at hand for safety, confidence and to guide our learners through their swimming journey. We love this unique teacher proximity for our swimming lessons as it means our coaches can spend the full lesson helping our learners improve their confidence in the water and to perfect their stroke technique.

The 32°C water temperature is perfect for our baby and children swimmers.



Our baby/toddler swim sessions are the perfect opportunity for you to make ever lasting memories with your child while enhancing their love of the water. Our swim sessions are centered around building water confidence through music, play and fun, which our swim coach will personalise the session for your child’s needs. Our pool is private so you and your child have a peaceful environment to fully immerse yourselves in the session.

We offer 1:1 classes for you and your child or we offer 2:1 classes where you’ll share the pool with one other parent and child.



The private lessons we hold in the endless pool are amazing! No more distractions, no more noise, no more fear, no more shouting, no more large classes and no more teachers coaching your child from 10 meters away. Our coaches make the atmosphere perfect for your little ones to begin their swim journey. It can be a difficult skill to learn if the process is not handled correctly. We start by making the children comfortable in their surroundings and with their coach. Their new found comfort in water will help build their confidence and their willingness & ability to take on instructions. 

The coach is always in the pool helping, reassuring and giving support until your child is ready to try by themselves. Step by step, week by week they will learn correct breath control, balance, holding water with their hands and feet, moving through water easily and all the stroke movement patterns in a simple easy to understand format.

Our lessons are often recommended to other parents because of the unique private swimming experience our pool provides which allows our coaches to build trust with your child and really get to understand their strengths and weakness. Through this trust and relationship our coaches can tailor classes to suit the needs of our swimmers.​

Give your child a true gift for life, learning how to swim!



Learning to Swim

Our private pool makes the perfect setting for adults who wish to learn to swim or become more confident in the water. The pool is located in it's own area of the Faber Performance Centre which allows you to get away from all distractions that you would expect at a public or hotel swimming pool and focus on you for your lesson. Our coaches are experts in building water confidence and teach adult how to swim. They will go back to the basics and build your confidence and ability week by week. 

Improving  Technique

If you can swim and wish to improve your technique or improve your stamina, distances or speed, our experienced coaches are on hand to help you achieve any swimming goal. Our coaches have worked with all abilities from complete beginners to club swimmers and triathletes.

Whatever your swimming goal, we are here to help.

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